Thursday, June 4, 2009

in the begining...

The Shark Punchers Jet Ski Club was formed April 2009 in a small Mexican fishing village. At a time when most U.S. Citizens feared Baja Mexico because of gruesome beheadings, drug lords and the dreaded "swine flu" (a government plot to scare Americans away from Mexico and the Bacon/Chorizo they needed oh so badly) these brave souls joined together to ride their Jet Ski's and freak out the squares (A.K.A wave runner types!). The early 2000's was a transition period for Jet Ski's and many who had embraced the "lifestyle" had forgotten all about the scenes humble beginnings.

The Shark Punchers Jet Ski Club aims to keep the original spirit of Jet Skiing alive! Two Stroke Death Machines built to break waves not skulls. The Shark Punchers are all about being period correct. If you have some crap box wave runner built after 1999 do not bother contacting us. Then again if you have a sweet period correct 1989 550cc Ski with custom Maui and Sons graphics....Welcome home brother, welcome home.


  1. swim with your patch down brother... keep those sharks in their place